Joel T

You guys are the best. The firewood is consistent with high quality, burns easily and cleanly. The service is excellent. Delivery always painless and stacking done fast and professionally.

Jeremy W

Holmes, NY

Just wanted you to know: We've been getting wood delivered up here for 18 years and your load was the best in terms of quality and quantity that we've ever had. I really seemed to stack out to more than 3 cords, seems more like 4--but maybe I've never seen what a full cord looks like.

James D

I highly recommend Cord King for fireplace wood because they provide the finest quality wood and they stand behind their product. When our load this year seemed to have too many smaller pieces, a call to Jeffery is all it took to get an additional load of great wood delivered at no additional cost. This our second season using Cord King and we plan to use them far into the future.

Bill Gannon

Clinton, NY

Dear Jeffrey (Cord King),

I received my two cords of seasoned wood yesterday (7-2-17) and have just completed stacking them. It was a great surprise to have finally received two full cords after buying wood from many so called firewood suppliers over many years. It is great you do deliver real seasoned hardwoods and a full cord...I will be glad to pass your name along to all of my friends and family.

Bill Mattes

Their kiln dried fire wood is the best I have ever bought. You won't use other wood once you have tried it.
And the service is fantastic - if they are shorthanded Sarah (who handles the reservations) will even deliver the wood herself!

Suzy Dahoney

Great delivery, I ordered 4 cords, very happy with what I received, I have a woodstove that we use all winter so it was time so tried this company, will be ordering again, thanks for accommodating my crazy schedule also.

Robert Horton

This is the second year that we've been using Cord King Kiln dried firewood.
We've had nothing but excellent service from Sara and the delivery people - on time delivery - wonderful people to work with!

Wood burns just as advertised - clean, fully, only ashes remaining and easy lighting.

This is by far, the best firewood we've ever used.......just told our neighbor last year and gave him a little to try.
Yep - he ordered a cord this year.

Would recommend Cord King to all who need great burning wood.

Chris R

I have bought the kiln dried for several years. Always full cords (and then some), always super clean, always baked to perfection. Especially if you have a wood stove, I highly recommend this Cord King product!

David S

The best wood! It ignites easily, burns cleaner and generates more heat than any other wood I've tried.

Steven F.

What a great company. We've had so many bad wood quality and delivery experiences over the last 10 years in Columbia County. More expensive but well worth it in quality of wood and service . We cook with wood and other uses. Highly recommended professional crew. 5 stars and thanks!

Loretta W.

This company has the best wood around. Not some BS called "solar kiln dried" that some other company out of Poughquag sells with an unprofessional petty little man that owns the place. This is real kiln dried wood that burns great. Cord King has always been reliable, responsive and professional. This is our third year ordering and will continue!

Larry G.

Always a pleasure doing business with Cord King. Excellent service and amazing wood Always a full cord and Sarah is very pleasant to work with

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