Seasoned Firewood

Don't settle for puny flames. Get efficient wood heating with our seasoned firewood, with a moisture content of less than 25 percent.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

Want fire production that is even better than seasoned firewood? Get a cord of kiln-dried wood with a low moisture content of 6-8 percent. It's sure to produce blazing results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about air-dried, seasoned and kiln-dried firewood? Take a look at the questions most commonly asked by Cord King customers. We're sure to have the answer you're looking for.

Our Testimonials

We Don't Make Wood. We Make Wood Better.

We Don't Make Wood. We Make Wood Better.

Seasoned firewood for sale in Dutchess County, NY

Got smoke? Get dry wood from Cord King in Dover Plains and Poughkeepsie, NY. We offer high-quality seasoned firewood and kiln-dried firewood for your residential or commercial needs. A warm environment and delicious food both start with a well-built fire.

You are guaranteed that every fire you start will be a great experience with Cord King's products. We provide firewood for:

  • Homeowners
  • Restaurants
  • Businesses
  • Guest lodges
  • Hotels
  • Cooking
  • And more
If you're looking for air-dried firewood, we will gladly provide you with some of the best wood in Dover Plains and Poughkeepsie, NY.

All fired up and ready to go

Need quality firewood but don't have the means to pick it up? No worries! Cord King will deliver a cord of wood to you in the Dover Plains and Poughkeepsie, New York area. For your convenience, we'll even stack the wood for you. Choose the type of wood you want today and schedule a weekly delivery to your home or business. Contact us at 845-797-6877 or email with any questions or for more details about our delivery service.

Not just for seasonal entertainment

By all means keep your house warm this winter with Cord King firewood, but make sure to have wood on hand for the summer months as well. Our seasoned and kiln-dried firewood is great for keeping you cozy and warm when it's cold - but it's also perfect for those spring and summer cookouts when you want to enjoy the outdoor grill and fire pit. A well-built fire makes all the difference. Let Cord King provide you with top-quality wood year-round.