Dry More. Burn Less.

Kiln-dried firewood in Dover Plains and Poughkeepsie, NY

If your wood is still wet, don’t burn it yet! Moisture greatly affects the burning process of wood. It keeps the wood from burning at its full potential and you waste money in the process.

Our wood is dried in a dehumidification kiln to temperatures up to 210 degrees. At such high temperatures, most of the water in the wood evaporates, so you get a more intense fire.

Why do I need kiln-dried wood?

  • Ordinary seasoned wood has a moisture content of less then 25 percent.
  • Kiln-dried wood has a moisture content of about 6-8 percent
  • Gives a cleaner and more efficient burning process
  • Produces a longer and lasting fire
  • Saves money by requiring less wood per burn hour

Dry, clean firewood guaranteed

We want you to be able to use and burn every log we supply you with. With this in mind, our wood is carefully sorted so your cord contains the best pieces. Our wood is kept free of dirt and delivered to you clean and ready to burn. We even sterilize the wood to remove any insects or larvae. You can store Cord King’s wood in your house with no worries.

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