Less Smoke. More Heat.

High-quality seasoned Firewood in Dover Plains and Poughkeepsie, NY

Starting a fire should be easy. But if your firewood is damp or has a high moisture content, your fire experience may flame out before it can get started. Don’t let your fire produce unwanted smoke or steam. Add quality fuel to your flames with Cord King’s seasoned firewood. You are guaranteed a full cord every time.

With King Cord’s seasoned firewood, you benefit from:

  • Cleaner than average wood cords
  • No mold development
  • Reduced smoke production
  • Minimum kindling requirements

Get more heat for less money

Moisture content of this wood is less then 25 percent. Wood with a higher moisture content will not produce quality flames. If your firewood is too damp, it will be hard to ignite and not burn cleanly. To ensure a quality fire building experience, choose Cord King’s seasoned wood. It's the best you can get for easy ignition and continuous burning.

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